Friday, 30 November 2007


No.... not World War II, just Weight Watchers 2! After getting on my scales here at home I nearly fell off them and had a major coronary, it seems that I'm now at the heaviest I have ever been. This is a combination of 1) not taking my medication 2) having developed a sweet tooth during my last trimester with herself 3) too many take-outs and 4) not enough exercise! Himself is also complaining that he is putting on all the weight that he lost the first time we did Weight Watchers and wants to stop gaining and start losing again. So.... it's back to counting points, cutting out take-aways and chocolates and making healthy choices. I've also purchased a Tai Chi DVD to get myself into some gentle exercise rather than trying to torture myself at a gym (not to mention the boredom of running in the same spot all the time!) I'm trying to set myself little goals on the way to my final goal, just so that I can keep focused. I'm aiming to lose my first half-stone by Christmas... and then NOT TO PUT ANY ON during the festive period. To this end, himself and I have agreed that I can have a little treat after losing each half-stone. I've decided to collect Troll beads... "What beads?" I hear you ask. Well, here they are have a look! I think they're lovely, but the one's I really like are these - Dolly Beads. Himself has bought me a bracelet and two beads as part of my birthday present so that I have something to put the beads on as I earn them. I must admit that collecting these teeny little beads could become quite addictive... and I'm hoping that they will keep me focused all the way to my goal weight!

So far I'm doing well. I've been on WW for 2 weeks already and have lost 3.5lbs so far! I'm dead chuffed as I normally find it really difficult to lose any weight. However, wanting to lose weight has spurred me on to start taking my medication again as that is supposed to help combat the insulin problems that come with having PCOS. It seems to be working... well the combination of medication, healthier eating and the occassional Tai Chi has at any rate! The real trick will be having a great festive season without putting any weight on. This year we have been invited to spend Christmas with my Sister-in-Law, her hubby and their two boys (along with all the rest of the family!), and as they generally cook fairly healthily anyway I'm hoping that it's going to be down to resisting all the chocs and peanuts and portion control.  The question is.... can I resist the peanuts?? I'm not sure!!

Anyway, keep any eye on this space.... I'll update occassionally on my progress and the lovely beads I have earned as I get them!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Most recent LO

Just want to show you the Layout I have just completed. I'm dead chuffed with this one since its been such a long time since I last managed to complete one. I have been feeling like my inspiration had completely fled the country, but after a visit to the Falkirk Wheel it came back with a vengeance and this is the result.

The title of the LO takes the form of a conversation saying:

"What did we do today?"
"We went on a wheely big boat wif a yittuw Ewin toiyut"

Erin just loved the small child-sized toilet in the boat that she wanted to go back there for days afterwards just so she could go to the loo!! So I felt I really needed to document the occasion. Although I will do another LO about the Falkirk Wheel itself at a later stage. I'll update more about our 3 week stay in Glasgow later.