Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Just a quick note to say that I'm not going to be posting much over the next two weeks or so.  This is due to us finally starting the decorating process on the room that will be known officially as "The Study" (and un-officially as "my Scrapping Space"). Himself is most determined that this is NOT my scrapping room even tho' I will be doing my scrapping in it... it's a STUDY.  LOL.

So far the room has had it's cupboards ripped out and our PC is currently in a pile in the corner of our bedroom awaiting the day it can finally be put back together on it's new desk (which is currently sitting in the garage waiting to be assembled).  I'm planning a trip to IKEA for some other bits and bobs (including the 'scrapping' desk) to finish the room off.  All Hail the Glorious Empire of IKEA!  We shall make another pilgramage to the hallowed halls of flat-pack shopping sometime next week, so I'm hoping the room will have had it's wallpaper stripped and walls painted, floor carpeted and new light fixtures installed in readiness for flat-pack assembly to commence as soon as possible after the shopping trip.  Anyone want to volunteer to come and help??  Thought not!

Until, then I shall have to make use of his company laptop and some very kind friends computers to get my daily fix of UKScrappers, ebay and blogs!!

Watch this space for before, during and after pics... they should be good. Can't wait to get rid of this 80's wallpaper!

Monday, 2 April 2007

Onwards and Upwards

A mere 5 days after the accident himself has gone back to work.  I wasn't entirely sure that it was a good idea, however he doesn't do sitting around at home very well.  So he trundled off to work this morning in the hire car - a Mitsubishi Colt semi-automatic - which he has nicknamed 'the Dolt'.  He doesn't much like semi-automatic driving, but at least its a set of wheels!

So, in the spirit of trying to get back to normal, I can give you a belated update on events prior to the accident on Wednesday...

On Friday (23rd) I finally took the plunge after much umming and ahhing and had my hair cut.  It had been about half-way down my back but was really getting me frustrated and wasn't in such good condition, so decided to go to the hairdresser and do something about it.  Had it cut to an 'inverted bob' style with some lovely streaks of red in it too.  I think it looks great!  Although the picture that the hairdresser took at the salon doesn't really do it any justice. 

Also, the hairdresser bloke was determined to blow dry it straight.  Why can't hairdressers just accept that I have curly hair? Along with the fairly busy life, a toddler who's into everything and pure laziness I really can't be doing with a style that needs hours of straightening and styling.  The result is that my hair on the day it was cut looked like a strange half-arsed attempt at straight and slightly wavy when anyone who knows me will tell you that it's very very curly!  It looks much better now as I just wash it and leave it to curl in its own way.  Still I like the style and how light it feels.  Much easier to look after too!

On Saturday (24th) I went with my friends Sarah and Tammy (who are both cardmakers) to the Great Northern Papercraft Extravenganza at the Yorkshire Events Centre in Harrogate.  Wow.  It wasn't quite as big as I had imagined, but still took me all day to walk around and make my purchases.  There was so much fabby stuff that I was really struggling to decide what to spend my £50 on.  Wisely, I only took cash with me and left my cards very much in the care of himself as I couldn't really afford to spend too much.  I'm still supposed to be paying back about £200's worth of overspend from January!  I did manage to get a punch and pair of scissors (both of which I've been trying to get for months), a lovely selection of papers, a glue nozzle applicator for fine work and the really yummy pack of Basic Grey 'Scarlett's Letter' paper.

Some other random bits and bobs also managed to fall into my shopping bags too and eventually walked out with only a penny change.  Not bad for a day out and I'm definitely going again.  The next one is in September sometime, so I'm going to have to start saving up now I reckon!!

Wednesday (28th) was also my little brother's birthday.  I can't believe he's 22 now. Makes me feel old...although my Mum would probably laugh to hear me say that.  I have to say "Happy Birthday" to little-bro as I didn't get a chance to do so on Wednesday (what with the accident and all).  Sorry that we mucked up your big day mate... it wasn't intentional! LOL.  Have a great year and enjoy being 22!