Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Just a quick note to say that I'm not going to be posting much over the next two weeks or so.  This is due to us finally starting the decorating process on the room that will be known officially as "The Study" (and un-officially as "my Scrapping Space"). Himself is most determined that this is NOT my scrapping room even tho' I will be doing my scrapping in it... it's a STUDY.  LOL.

So far the room has had it's cupboards ripped out and our PC is currently in a pile in the corner of our bedroom awaiting the day it can finally be put back together on it's new desk (which is currently sitting in the garage waiting to be assembled).  I'm planning a trip to IKEA for some other bits and bobs (including the 'scrapping' desk) to finish the room off.  All Hail the Glorious Empire of IKEA!  We shall make another pilgramage to the hallowed halls of flat-pack shopping sometime next week, so I'm hoping the room will have had it's wallpaper stripped and walls painted, floor carpeted and new light fixtures installed in readiness for flat-pack assembly to commence as soon as possible after the shopping trip.  Anyone want to volunteer to come and help??  Thought not!

Until, then I shall have to make use of his company laptop and some very kind friends computers to get my daily fix of UKScrappers, ebay and blogs!!

Watch this space for before, during and after pics... they should be good. Can't wait to get rid of this 80's wallpaper!


  1. On 13 April 2007 Andre said:
    ahh, all hail Ikea! lol. hurry up and get it all finished. then scrap up a nice lil "Scrapping Room" picture and superglue to the door ;) what a way to win :p

  2. On 8 May 2007 Kim said:
    Glad himself is okay! And decorating - good luck with it - I heart Ikea!!

  3. On 26 May 2007 Scrapdolly said:
    Good luck witht he scraproom .... oops, sorry .... STUDY! I bet it will be lovely


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