Friday, 18 July 2008

Its my burfday!

No, not MINE.... herself! Everywhere we went she kept telling people that it was her burfday. And she was quite right! I cant believe that she is now 3. Where did that time go?

We had a fab time yesterday. She opened a few presents in the morning and then we headed off to play at "Space Planet" which is officially known as Adventure Planet and is the largest play centre in Scotland... and its only 5 minutes from my parents front door by car! Much fun was had there - even when a little boy kept knocking her over. After lunch we went shopping and then for a bit of a drive. At home again we played with the new magic painting set (Crayola) until himself came home... at which point the fun really began! All the presents that had been hiding all day came out to be opened. Much excitement, ripping of paper and  giggling later herself was the happiest 3 year old on the planet! Included in the presents were several sets of Playmobil room settings, an easel and a sandpit. Of course all the presents had to be unpacked and put together right there and then!

Many thanks to everybody for the lovely presents! Especially to Grandma & Grandad, Ouma & Oupa, Aunty Liz et al, Great Granny and various family friends and neighbours! It now falls to myself to send out Thank You cards! It might take a while under current circumstances!

At least I'm going to have plenty of pictures to scrap. Including these ones which were taken by Ouma... and a whole load on my own camera too!


  1. On 18 July 2008 jo said:
    Happy birthday - some gorgeous pics.

  2. On 19 July 2008 RACHEL said:
    gorgeous photos anthea

  3. On 19 July 2008 jayne said:
    lovely photos bumped into your blog on uks blogathon x

  4. On 19 July 2008 elliemook said:
    Wow, what stunning photos! And congratulations on the news in your pervious post x

  5. On 19 July 2008 Paige said:
    What FAB photos of your little ones. third B'day. looks like you all had a great time :)


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