Monday, 29 September 2008

Nearly 3 weeks ago.....

...we added another member to our family! Let sleepless nights commence!

I went into the hospital with contractions 4 minutes apart only to be told that I wasn't in labour. However, they decided not to send me home immediately as they wanted to monitor the baby. The monitoring revealed that the baby's heartrate wasn't doing what they wanted and that the foetal movements were down too. After several hours of them saying that they were going to send me home once the monitoring was done, they suddenly decided that they wanted to induce as they weren't happy with the monitoring results. Four hours after the drip was started a beautiful 8lb baby girl called Cecily Rowan was delivered. She had the cord wrapped around her neck twice, but other than that there were no other complications at birth. Our only concern was that she seemed a little sleepy and struggled to feed. This concern continued for another 2 days until they discovered that she was jaundiced. An extra two days in hospital gave them time to give her some photo therapy for the jaundice and got feeding a bit better established. Nearly 3 weeks later feeding seems well established and she is gaining weight well. I just wish we could say that she was still sleepy tho' as she has now decided to wake up and make her presence felt. 

Unfortunately most of her waking seems to be done at 5am and her sleeping is done during the day. Somehow we have to figure out how to turn that around so that her waking hours coincide with ours... but I rather think that's going to take some time!

Anyway, here's a few pictures of our newest bundle!


  1. On 29 September 2008 jo said:
    Gorgeous photos Anthea - cecily is beautiful. Your delivery sounds similar to mine - contractions very close together but not doing anything and the will they send me home or not. Callum had the cord around his neck too. Its second children - always more awkward than the first!!

  2. On 4 October 2008 RACHEL said:
    awww shes gorgeous Anthea congratulations to you both xx

  3. On 4 October 2008 Liz P said:
    Lovely to see more pictures of Cecily Rowan. L,J,D&D xxxx

  4. On 22 October 2008 Pauline said:
    She is beautiful, and you're right, they are fabulous photos. Congratulations to you all.


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