Saturday, 28 November 2009

Fun Fridays!

I'm thinking of setting up a regular post section called 'Fun Friday'. I believe in this current economic climate and with all the doom and gloom around from Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Swine Flu epidemics and everything else that threatens to overwhelm us at the moment that we should be able to let our hair down occasionally and have some fun! So once a week on a Friday I hope to post something that will make you smile. Or something that I had fun doing.  

Today I'm covering two Friday's with one fell swoop. Last Friday I had great fun watching something and thought I would share it with you this Friday. I'm talking about Children in Need... and this is the single! Peter Kay has really outdone himself again. Himself, herself and myself all had great fun trying to recognise all the BBC animated characters from past and present kids telly programmes... oh and a few making guest appearances from other channels too! 

So, how many do you recognise? And if you're from outside the UK, are any of these familiar to you? Or did you grow up with completely different characters? I did!! More on that another time!


  1. On 27 November 2009 Sarah said: I love it! The boys were glued to the telly and couldn't shout the characters names fast enough!! I went out on Monday and picked up the CD and DVD for us and the Gore household!!

  2. On 27 November 2009 Carmen said: Aw brilliant! Hadn't seen that vid yet, knew them all :P

  3. On 30 November 2009 Julia Dunnit said: Bit late tot his, but..Friday Fun is a fab idea!

  4. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


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