Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Here's a bit of fun for today... my seven favourite YouTube Videos! Some are them are funny, amazing, awe-inspiring and then there's the lame ones. Either way, they bring a smile to my face and I wanted to share them with you... 'cause we all need something to laugh about! Laughter is good for the soul, uses up calories and makes us feel better. So have a look at these and laugh!

My favourite puppet. He's non-pc and maybe slightly racist but he's very funny!!

These girls are amazing! I wish I was this fit and flexible. 

This man has some amazing moves. How many of these dances did you do at school? Don't own up to too many of them... some of them go waaaaay back and will really show your age!

From the history of dance to the complete History of Music!

William Tell is probably turning in his grave! Its a moment of pure genius!

Husbands shouldn't feel left out either. This one seems to know his place!! 

And finally, for pure 'feel good factor'! I don't normally listen to the Black-Eyed Peas but ever since seeing this video for the first time I just can't help smiling every time I hear this song!

(**edited to add** .... Hmmm ok, so this video is no longer available on YouTube! Sorry!!)

Hope you all had fun with my favourite YouTube videos today. Come back again tomorrow for something completely different!


  1. On 11 November 2009 Nadine said:
    I love jeff dunham! especially when he performs with peanut ^^

  2. On 11 November 2009 Sharyn said:
    What a fun post - thanks for sharing!

  3. Anthea Goodman said:
    Its a pleasure Sharyn! Nadine, I haven't watched the Peanut one yet... must look it up!! Glad you enjoyed it!


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