Monday, 5 April 2010

WW3 has started!

Having finished with breastfeeding in August last year I had been looking at myself again and thinking that my weight was definitely spiralling out of control. Ok, so I'd had to quit my last attempt at Weight Watchers due to falling pregnant. However, since then I'd gained over a stone again - all in the name of needing to eat more due to breastfeeding. Hmmmmm..... not good! Anyway, I dithered and swithered and finally persuaded myself it wasn't worth starting a new diet just before Christmas. Ha! After Christmas I got on the scale only to find I'd gained another stone during the festive period. Right. This was getting ridiculous and had to stop!! So mid-January I finally dragged myself off to a Weight Watchers meeting and took that first horrendously embarrassing step onto the scales of doom. The result was a whopping 18 stone 12.5 pounds! 

So I had these two pictures taken to remind me how far I had let my weight go. And I'm planning on taking a photo at fairly regular intervals to show my progress during this journey. I have an enormous amount to lose to get to my final goal weight. However, I know I can do it this time! In fact, I've already lost a fair bit... but I shall post about that another day!  


  1. On 5 April 2010 Trina said:
    Good luck, you can do it! I need to get back on track again, I've been eating easter eggs like they are never going to made again!

  2. Hmmm, yes Trina, Easter Eggs are a terrible temptation. Especially as both my girls got given so many. I'm not sure that they could possibly eat them all by themselves!! However, I'm being good. I have had a bit of chocolate but I'm still within my points!
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  3. On 6 April 2010 Sandra said:
    Good luck, I'm here to check on you :) ... glad you joined the newbie bloggers thread, it really is a great help. You'll make lots of new friends


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