Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Blog Features and Introducting WOYWW

I read a lot of blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. The best thing I found since I got my lovely HTC Hero mobile phone last year is that I now have an app that connects with my Google Reader account and sends all those lovely blogs straight to my phone! Which means that I can keep up on my blog reading while I'm waiting for Herself at the bus stop, or at the dance class, or at swimming lessons. I can read blog posts while I'm eating my breakfast! With an app this handy I have discovered that reading blogs is about the *only* thing I actually manage to keep up with in my life right now. Everything else is behind and running late..... sometimes by several months!

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of these blogs that I read, follow and subscribe to have regular features. For example I've just started participating at For the Love of Blogs (see sidebar button) and one of their many features is Tasty Tuesday which considering how yummy our dinner was last night I'm really considering joining in on.

The other blog I follow is Stamping Ground with Julia Dunnit. She started a feature nearly two years ago called WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. It's become hugely popular with loads of people joining in and sharing the scary mess or freaky tidyness that is their workdesk on a Wednesday. I figure after nearly two years of reading and hopping around other people's blogs to check out their desks I might finally make the leap and join in. The sad thing is that, in this, I am yet again late to the party! Some things never change do they??

So, here's my workdesk this morning....

Basically, it's a mess! I don't have a large space to work on so I really should keep it a bit tidier. However, this is how I left it after I had to run out the door on my way to an appointment I was late for. As usual! So, today I shall be picking up this project and hopefully get it finished. Or else it might join all the other projects I've got waiting in the wings or half done... mostly they live UNDER the desk and as you can see...

..... that's not any better either!! I have spared you the horror of seeing the rest of the room. It's not untidy (anymore) but it is a bit crowded.  I think that I need to stop buying stash and start using it all. Ha! I think it will take me at least 8 years to use up the stuff I've collected in the past 5 years.

Shall I continue with WOYWW? Make it a regular feature? (or about as regular as I can be considering my lack of organisation!) Would you come back? I dare you! It will be interesting to see if my desk ever improves or if it stays this messy.

I did promise you some news on my One Little Word didn't I? Let me finish the project on the desk and then I'll get my pages finished and photographed and then I'll show you! Please don't hold your breath as it might be a while and I wouldn't want you to pass out! One thing you *can* come back for later today is an update on the Weightloss issue and a little change I've made to my person. 

Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment! Even in my disorganised state reading the comments you leave for me is definitely one thing I keep up with!


  1. Hi Anthea, welcome to WOYWW!! Great workspace, I love the jars! Tell me about those WIPS - I find them everywhere. Sometimes I just get stumped at the last bit or go off the idea and then they turn up to haunt me a year later. And as for stash, .... well we won't go there. I actually do think the stamps are now in four figures. (Some of them are VERY small) Thanks for popping by to see me.

  2. Welcome to WOYWW am loving the grosgrain ribbon xx

    laura 66

  3. Please carry on with WOYWW - I will visit you!! Must have a look at the other links you mentioned.

  4. Welcome to WOYWW! Good to see another busy desk.

    Don't forget to pop over to our shop and put your name down in the next gift draw.

  5. Hi Anthea

    Having looked at the first picture, I was just about to say that I didn't think your desk was THAT untidy and you had neat storage . . . but then I saw the nightmare that lurked beneath your desk . . . and I nearly ran away! LOL!

    PLEASE keep doing WOYWW . . . I haven't done it for a while, and am enjoying it this week! I'll come back, honest!
    Hugs, Sandra

  6. Welcome to WOYWW, for most of us it can be guess we will see...

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  7. I'm new too and quite enjoying peeking at other workdesks. It's nice to know mine looks like everyone elses. I love the bar on the wall that has the cups hanging from cool!

  8. I have a craft room but wind up working on a very small space on my desk. I find if I spread out I can't find anything and have a huge mess, so I keep it simple and small. Love your space ...looks very productive!

  9. Great room, I try & take my pics to disguise the explosion in a craft factory that is my room, lol. TFS Shaz #125

  10. Hello there. Don't worry about confessing your desk (or under) horrors - I think that only a few are ever tidy!!

    Isn't Ikea fab for storage stuff? I have those little jars too but I am limited to wall space to have any more!

    Hettie #135

  11. Ah Anthea, welcome to WOYWW! You come back and show us your desk just as regularly as you like - no need to commit, jsut as the feeling takes you! I don't find your desk at all scarey; you've seen mine, right?!! I LVOE the lengths of ribbon on your desk...are you making awards?

  12. Hi there Anthea, I just found out that I left my previous post on the wrong blog your stamping up blog, der! sorry about that..and loving looking at your work space.. thanks for sharing it..will pop back here again!
    Shaz in Oz.x

  13. Well done on making the leap and posting pics of your desk. Beware though - its very addictive!
    Very creative space you have.
    Happy belated WOYWW


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