Sunday, 10 April 2011

March Weight Watchers Update!

Wow, things have been sooooo busy this past month (and a bit!). I've only just about been keeping up with the WOYWW posts and that's been about it. I had been intending to post an update on my weightloss at the end of March but it fell by the wayside in the mad rush to get ready for various workshops, mini catalogue launches, training events and well, life in general! I took the photo's and then they just sat there!

So, a quick summary of March?.... not great. LOL. Sorry. Truly though, I ended up only making it to my Weight Watchers meetings twice and neither time did I come back with good news. Which has also contributed to my lack of posts. Why post when it's just bad news all the time? I don't particularly want to end up depressing my readers!! At the last meeting, though, I had to face up to the facts that I just don't have my head in the game anymore. My leader, Mandy, asked me a question in the class and as I heard myself give the most ridiculous answer on the planet I was actually thinking "Why the heck are you saying that? You know what the answer should be and that ISN'T IT!!" Still, my mouth replied with the stupid answer and Mandy looked at me like I'd gone mad. Then she said: "Well, now we know where you've been going wrong!". Too damn true!! It made me really come away from the meeting knowing that I had completely lost the plot.

The good news is that after that hiccup, I went back to basics and studied the blurb they give us when we first start and I've done it all from scratch. Then I went away this weekend to Leeds and didn't get to weigh in, but I feel better in myself again. So I'm hoping that I'll be losing weight when I weigh in on Saturday!! Fingers crossed!

Here's the photo's I took at the end of March.... not much change visually at all!!

I'll post these up on the Fat to Fit page along with my weigh in results later this week!

Anyone got any tips or ideas on how to keep my head in 'the game' at all? I could seriously do with it!! I don't know how I managed it last year, but I certainly don't have it this year at all!!


  1. Hi! I must admit that I have not had a weigh in in a long time because there is not a nearby WW in Beijing, but the way I made it to Lifetime and stayed there for more than a year before moving away was by making my attendance at meetings my TOP priority. If I was going to be out of town, I found a meeting to attend where I was going. I went even if the news was going to be bad. The meetings always helped get me back into the right frame of mind. I was far from a perfect WW member and my weight loss was very slow, but it was steady and I reached my goal. I am still happy with my weight now though I know if I was attending regular WW meetings, it would be at a safer number. I'm def in a danger zone now. Anyway, best of luck to you. Don't give up! Keep going despite any and all set-backs.

  2. Don't lose heart. I'm also a WW girl. Sometimes you just lose focus. Think back to how you felt and behaved when you started out losing weight. What motivated you then - can this motivate you know. Perhaps break it down into smaller goals. Just remember you have come this far and I'm sure you can carry on.

  3. No one stays on the right path all the time, you know what you need to do, and truly sounds like you've got your head in the right place to me. Don't give up, we're here cheering you on.

    My husband does ww .. and I know it doesn't help everyone, but he's a real computer nerd! and he has done a spreadsheet showing his weight gain and loss! by graph and he keeps that on his machine at all times, I think it helps him get the shock he needs when he see the graph going the wrong way.

    Please don't give up, you're doing a really good job. xx

  4. I think first and foremost it's important you don't beat up on yourself! I have done WW several times, losing 18-20 then convincing myself I can do it on my own...yea right. I am now in a small group of friends, each of us doing what works for us and using the Made to Crave books and DVD. One of the things that helps me is a question the author tells us to ask ourselves before we eat someting...."Am I going to be happy with this decision in the morning?" Another one I like is "Everything is permissable but not everything is beneficial." I agree making the meetings and weigh ins a priority is huge. See each week as a fresh start and believe that over the long haul you are going to accomplish this! Good luck :) from BfS :)

  5. I am in the same boat as all of you ladies. Over from BBFS. I too am doing WW and at times not as committed as I should be. Each day I dont "think" about it. I just do it so I make up no excuses. When I am eating something or thinking how much I want those cadbury eggs while watching tv I think to myself "Is eating those eggs really going to help me? No, do the ladies who are fit and trim and look awesome give in? No. I can be strong too." Its a conscience decision each time. Keep up the good work.


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