Sunday, 3 April 2011

Redefining our Family

When I started this blog... ok, not THIS exact blog - the previous one: Creating Space- I realised fairly quickly that although I didn't mind showing pictures of my family I still didn't want to include their names. In this day and age of identity fraud, web-savvy criminals and internet paedophile rings, I just didn't want that sort of information floating about. I figured that as the main reason for my blog was to keep friends and family up-to-date with our happenings that it wasn't really necessary to mention names either. Simply because anyone who might need to know that information... well, already knew it! So I settled on calling us Myself, Himself and Herself.

Easy enough to remember. Just a little bit confusing to write!

But then this one arrived!

Now, for a while my blog just referred to her as 'the Baby'... not a problem! But babies have a habit of growing up like this:

Can you believe that is the same child in both pictures? They just refuse to stay small!!

Now, this presents me with a problem. I can't really call her 'the Baby' anymore, can I? She's determined to be 'a big girl' and I feel I ought to honour that. So what do I call her here in blogland?

Myself, Himself, Herself and ..... and?... and? Nothing rolls off the tongue at all! I'm thinking that I might have to redefine ALL our blogland names, but that presents further complications!

Any ideas would be most welcome please!

For all those people out there that think I have completely lost the plot... you may just be right! LOL.


  1. Aww- they do refuse to stay 2nd is just approaching his first birthday (although he didn't even start small at 10lb 5oz! lol!!)As far as what to call she a 'Princess' or a 'Tomboy'? or maybe just Little Sister?

  2. She will always be your "baby" Mummy ;-) Much to my 14 yr olds delight! lol! sorry too late for any suggestions from me though, Hugs xx

  3. Do you have a nickname for her? I like 'peanut' I just think it's cute :) or Sweet Pea? Good luck x

  4. Well to fit in with myself, himself and herself, how about littleself?

  5. Lovely photos. I use DS for my sons

  6. I like the idea above - "little self". My baby is now 6 or nearly 7 as she likes to remind me but I still think of her as the baby! I tend to refer to my girls as the oldest and the youngest.

  7. what about "little one" .... or cute one :)


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