Monday, 9 May 2011

.... and the winner is......

.... dah, dah, dah, dah....!!!

Which means that I need your contact details please Becky Bromley - Craft Jar. Yes, you! Email me please and let me know your postal address so I can send these goodies off to you asap. I hope that this will help you get more into stamping.

To everyone else who took part but weren't lucky enough this time.... I'm sorry. There will be more draws on this blog, probably around my 200th post or annual anniversary. I rather enjoyed putting the kit together and then reading your comments so I will definitely be doing it again!! Thanks for taking part and make sure you come back regularly. I intend to be posting regularly so there should be plenty to read. Speaking of posting... join me tomorrow as I'm going to start taking part in 'Tasty Tuesday' again. It's hosted by FTLOB each week and I will be sharing some of the latest Weight Watchers recipes that we've been trying out. Some have been a great hit, others..... not so much.

See you tomorrow morning bright and early! (It's all scheduled and waiting to go, so don't worry about it relying on my actually being awake at that time of the morning!!)  Right now, I'm off to my bed.

Congratulations again to Becky!

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