Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOYWW 15 June '11

Good evening and welcome to my little blog. Ok, so in my head I was saying that in the 'Arabic' accent used by the narrator in Disney's Alladin. I don't know why, but I thought you might like to know that piece of very important information...

I'm extremely late in posting my WOYWW contribution today. It's been one of those days unfortunately. My car was at the mechanic to have something rather expensive done to it. I wouldn't mind the expense if it was making my car look prettier, but I begrudge spending the money on something I can't even see - much less understand what it actually DOES. However, I'm assured by those that know these things that I definitely need to have this bit fixed or it could result in lots of oil all over the road and an engine that goes 'KABOOM'. That would not be good at all, so I took the little car to the garage last night so they could start work on her bright and early this morning.

That means I have effectively been trapped in my house all day.... so you would think that I would have been able to find time to post on the little old bloggy. But no. Instead my day started in a mad rush to get Herself to the bus stop which was easier said than done because her only thought this morning was about her school trip. So she bounced round the house like a flibberty-jibbet instead of getting dressed which very nearly resulted in her missing the bus and not going on the school trip at all!

My intention to blog before lunchtime was thwarted by technology. No, not Blogger misbehaving. Unfortunately. Instead I was wrestling with ordering systems, credit card details not being accepted and banks... all the while getting increasingly frustrated with various technologies NOT being able to communicate with each other properly. Or even at all. By the time I had that sorted it was 1pm and Weeself was asking for her lunch. While she was eating her lunch, the Window Surveyor turned up to measure the port-holes for new casements. He was extremely meticulous and very chatty! Which resulted in me only getting to eat my lunch at  3:45pm AFTER I had collected a very happy, bouncy, excited, chattering and twirling girl from the bus stop.

Himself arrived just in time to bundle us all in his car so we could go pick up my, now repaired, little car from the garage and after that it was go, go, go for dinner, bath and bedtime.

So despite being indoors all day and within 5 yards of the computer at all times, I'm only now sitting down to do this post. And it's turned into War & Peace already!! I'll stop gabbing now and let you have a look at the desk...

On my desk today you can see my layout for my July Scrap Club. I'm having a whole month of 'Christmas in July' so it's gone all festive. I used the papers you saw on my desk last time. Also on my desk today is the stamp set I was planning to use this morning to make Father's Day cards. Somehow, I don't think it's going to get done tonight.

Right, I'm off to read my book. I'm borrowing Himself's Kindle as it's got a series of books on it that I've been dying to read. It shall be an early night tonight (well as early as I ever get!) and then an early start tomorrow as Weeself has been invited to a birthday party. Her first ever! She'll be in her element I think.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Oh, and don't forget to hop over to Julia's to have a look at some more desks.


  1. My days are the same Anthea - I have learned not to depend on being able to do anything! Love the LO you're working on, it looks great. Under your desk looks pretty interesting too!

  2. Ugh, we all have days like yours at times. Hope today is proving better for you. Love the layout and those stamps look very suitable for male themed cards. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #79

  3. I so love your DLO ... I used to do loads but then got into single ones. I actually think, for telling a story or recording an event, double is better.

  4. ohooo love your little bottle and shelves, do they come from Ikea? and of course that little box of draws...Think I've said that before!! Lovely layouts! My days are the same too! I have things planned that MUST be done and then spend hours driving my parents somewhere and it all goes belly up! Never mind..there's always the night time hours! Happy WoYwW

  5. sounds like you have had a busy, busy day! Love the layout on your desk! Try to rest. Hope the day improved! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  6. I'm glad Herself had a wonderful trip- it would be too bad if she had gotten all excited and then disappointed :^( Your day could have gone better but at least it wasn't worse! Nice layouts on your desk. Patsy from

  7. Hi there Anthea thanks for popping voer and yes I have day like that without much help from others all you need is visitors to pop in then the day is gone or demands for your time by phone etc never fails to amaze me where a day, week month etc goes! love Shaz in oz. x


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