Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WOYWW 22nd June '11

Good morning! Welcome to WOYWW, hosted by the lovely Julia!

I unexpectedly have a child-free hour this morning so I decided that the blogging that was going to be relegated to last on the list, can go ahead anyway. Yay! Weeself is playing at her new nursery for an hour and since she toddled in without a backward glance the nursery teacher said I was probably safe to go home. Whoohoo!

So, what's on my desk today?? Well.... just a little bit of this...

Yup, I've got my Bigshot out, some cardstock and my lovely new Mini Milk Carton die. I made a little prototype last night and today I'm going to be making about 15 of these little cartons. Why? Because it's teacher gift season, of course!!

Our schools here in Scotland break up on Friday for the Summer holidays and Erin announced last week that she wanted presents for not only her teacher but all the classroom assistants, secretaries and the head teacher too! Wow. So I ordered the die and it arrived yesterday. Having had a play last night I think it's going to turn out fab and it's going to be soooo much easier than doing it all by hand! Now all I've got to figure out is what I'm putting in them and how I'm going to decorate them. Have you got any ideas or suggestions?? I could do with a little inspiration!!

Thanks for your comments, I'm looking forward to your suggestions this morning as I've run out of ideas. See you soon!


  1. They look gorgeous and im sure once decorated and filled even more scrummy.Well why dont you buy big box sweets and add few to each carton .Then a sentiment somethinglike To MY Teacher Thankyou.
    Im sure they will turn out fab whatever and i will pop back to see too!
    Happy creative few days
    hugs jude 10

  2. Lovely desk Anthea, looks like you're going to have fun with that die. We never gave our teachers gifts when I was at school, that's such an American thing, when did it hit the shores of the UK, lol! Still, gives us paper crafters something extra to do I suppose!

    Brenda 81

  3. I must buy this die! How about getting a selection of lip balms to go inside? A girl can never have too many of those!

  4. Love your desk. Maybe some fancy chocs, like lindor or forerro (sp) to go inside. you could also let erin decorate the outside? Make it more personal. Sure whatever you do the teachers will love it. :)

  5. Love the milk carton die. I used mine to make little holders for a ribbon, button, and bling swap here a while back. Awesome box!!! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107

  6. Great idea for teacher gifts.

  7. That is sooo cute! And what a great idea! Teachers and TAs etc always get LOADS of chocolates. I was forever passing them on to friends. Something useful like some coloured paperclips or some bright post it notes in some shredded tissue, or some large magnets for their white board might be good? Or a little notebook (not sure how big the space is) and teeny pen. I know they appreciate anything that is given, especially hand made things given and made with love.

  8. Oh, I love that idea! How about going for some of those milk bottle chew sweets? Keeping with the theme. Or just some "milk" chocolate! Anything too expensive will make it very expensive.... LOL. Speaking as the other half of a teacher, I know that he does get fed up with food, but he's more fed up with dodgy mugs (you should see our cupboards) and therefore views sweet treats as something that's not going to take up space ultimately. Oh, and something to share with the rest of the family! The best one he had was a mini chocolate pizza - loved it so much he kept the box!

  9. Hi, as usual I'm last to the party - it's been a busy week. Let's hope the kids get better weather for their holiday. Don't envy you the task of making pressies for teachers though. Elizabeth x #74


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