Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WOYWW 14th March (The Crochet Edition)


Wow, it's Wednesday again. How come the week comes round so quick each time?? Anyway, I know I'm very late posting but I figured I ought to do a post rather than sitting around staring at Pinterest and Facebook.

I must admit that I don't have an awful lot going on on my desk at the moment. In fact, I haven't done a lot of 'desk' crafting for quite a while now. Part of that is because I'm waiting for my room to be converted from 'spare room' to 'craft room'. Yes, I'm excited but I'm also not feeling a lot of inspiration with the room in it's current state. Another part of the lack of crafting is that I've been doing more projects that allow me to sit in the living room watching telly while I craft.... mostly crochet.

So, here is my 'Work Desk'

OK, I admit.... this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago but it's the closest I've got to a crochet 'work desk'!! However, I do have a couple of completed projects to show you. (I've been reading the Attic24 blog a lot and love how she refers to them as 'Ta-da moments')

See those two folded up items on the top of the pile? Well I finally got to finishing them both this week and here they are. Ta-daaaaaah!

Ok, this is where my camera decided that the battery was going to conk out. I'm glad that Karen at the Glasgow Fort Stitch'n'Bitch had a working camera. She took a couple of photo's for the group blog.

This Orange one is my first attempt at a ripple blanket. It was a bit tricky to establish but once I'd got going it was actually quite easy. I loved the effect of the variegated yarn and decided to highlight the orange and purple because these two colours are high up on the list of Weeself's favourite colours.

This Pink one is is for Herself and is basically a single, large granny square with a border and a picot edging. It went together very quickly and again the variegated yarn produced a lovely effect. Both these small blankets were made specifically for the girls' teddy bears since I discovered that both teddies were being put to bed with makeshift blankets (usually someone's cardigan or jumper!). Cardigans and jumpers have now been returned to their rightful owners and teddies are snuggled under their new blankets tonight, much to the delight of their owners!

The girls are also delighted to discover that I'm now in the process of crocheting a much larger blanket for the two of them to share during their telly watching sessions. If you look at the first picture of my 'workdesk', can you see the unfinished granny hexagon blanket that is hanging over the edge? Well I took it into my head to unravel that piece and start something else with the scraps. It's huge so far and I'm quite pleased with it. Come back in about 3 weeks for a 'ta-da moment' on that project. I'll post before then, I promise!

Anyway, I'm going to head off now. It's late and I'm shattered due to going to bed really late last night. I shall link up to Julie's blog so you can have a look at some other WOYWW'ers desks. See you soon!


  1. Wow, you are really getting on with your crochet.

  2. WOW!! I am learning to crochet and I want to make a blanket!! only my second lesson but enjoying it, Love your work, Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

  3. You may not have done much crafting but your crochet work is beautiful. Hope your room gets sorted out soon. Regards, Anne #47

  4. Love your crochet work - it's a craft that I've never got to grips with so admire anyone who can hack it :)
    Hugs, LLJ #26 xx

  5. Such lovely colours. Hey ho it's Friday but I'm still snooping the WOYWW desks & loving every minute! Take care Zo xx33

  6. Wow Anthea, get you! All that production and satisfied girls and happy teddies, how marvellous! I currently the same, I want to be in a chair in front of the tv..I think we're pining for lighter nights. Mind you, I'm not as busy as armchair seems to mean no work at all!

  7. Thanks to everyone for such lovely comments!


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