Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Jollies

Good evening! I should know better than to promise to post, because that is when all sorts of last minute and unexpected things happen and a really quiet day, with nothing planned, turns into a headlong dash from one thing to the next in a futile effort just to keep up! So here I am, out of breath and dishevelled BUT I am here. I hope that counts!

So, the Jubilee weekend seemed to pass most of Scotland by. I read a news report online that said only 60 street parties had been booked, of which 20 were organised by the Orange order. Obviously, those don't count due to the Orangemen being ridiculously royalist (according to the news website!). So, that means only 40 parties were booked by individuals/communities. A very low number, especially when you compare it to the nearly 10,000 parties booked for England and Wales!! 

This was what our street looked like over the weekend. NOTHING happening at all!...

... except for our 'crazy' house. It got quite a few looks! 

As my parents were travelling back from their holiday late on Friday, we decided to get together for a mini celebration on Monday to give them some time to recuperate. So, Sunday I spent pretty much all day infront of the telly watching the flotilla on the Thames! Except for the bit where I help Himself on a little garden project. More on that later!

Himself, Herself and Weeself made some rather yummy goodies on Monday for our party and Herself insisted on putting a party dress on. Any excuse to dress up!!

The girls kept a vigilant watch out the front window for our guests

And Himself and Myself set the table, with some lovely Union Jack touches for the special event.

Once eating, drinking, laughing and chatting had all been done and family members had been seen off the premises, there was only just enough time to clear up before we all got to snuggle down under hand crocheted blankets...

... to watch the fabulous concert on the telly. (Although, as a musical person I will admit that I had several cringe-making off-key songs and sound problems! Surely these professionals should sound BETTER than us, mere mortals?)

All in all, it was a good weekend. Far too much eaten, far too much telly watched and far too much rain! BUT definitely a good weekend. Here's to another jubilee for Her Majesty, would that be 70 or 75 years?

Speak soon!

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  1. Platinum at seventy years Anthea and was even taking photos of the tv over at my place if you pop over and see my Wednesday post - she is wodnerful thanks for sharing! Shaz in oz.x


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