Thursday, 28 December 2006

The last 6 months!

Wow.... so much has happened!
To start with Robert got a new job in Leeds with Carl Bro Engineering which meant a move back down south from the beautiful Highlands! New challenges faced us as we tried to find a house to buy within our limited budget. Luckily for us house prices in the Highlands had risen enough to give us some cash to play with for any modifications that needed doing. Boy did we need it! We found a house in Thornton, Bradford which belonged to an elderly lady that had been committed to a home due to her Alzheimers. It needs loads of work, but is a lovely property in a good area. We moved in on the 31st of May even though we had to rent off the vendors for 3 weeks while the paperwork was completed! During those 3 weeks I made use of the time to get quotes from builders, electricians and plumbers. We discovered that the house still had it's original wiring from 1938 with round pin sockets included for free! Also original was the tiny kitchen which couldn't accomodate 2 adults. A huge dining room next door was just begging to be turned into a kitchen diner! So we proceeded to knock the wall down between the two rooms, remove a chimney breast in the dining room, rewire the whole house and replace the entire central heating system. The latter had to be done due to the existing central heating system consisting of a backboiler which was in the fireplace we wanted to remove! OK so it's a bit drastic - but the modifications, building work, dust and expenditure have been worth it as we now have a really big Kitchen diner!
This week the plumber has been turning the understair cupboard into a downstairs loo!! This will be a welcome addition to the house as I'm finding it difficult going upstairs to go to the loo all the time. Especially as Erin doesn't want to leave her toys downstairs but doesn't want to be left behind either! Robert and I are off to Pilkingtons tomorrow to choose tiles for the bathroom as our friendly plumber is ripping out the Lilac 1970's bathroom suite next week. We are needing to remove the tiles on the walls before then!
Other than the house.... the only real thing that has happened in the last few months is that I've started scrapbooking! Really enjoying this as a new hobby and I'm hoping that over the next while I'll be able to share some layouts with you!
Will update this later again with some photo's of the house just so you can see what a state it's in!

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