Thursday, 28 December 2006

Handbag envy

Ok.... just to loosen up! This is todays blog prompt....
What’s your handbag like? What makes a ‘perfect’ handbag? What do you carry in your handbag? What's in it right now? Do you ever have ‘handbag envy'?
My initial response was that I don't carry a handbag! So how do I function without one?? One word..... Jeans! I always have loose change in my right hand front pocket and my bankcards in one of my back pockets. Keys and mobile phones go in jeans pockets too. I have been known to buy/not buy a mobile phone depending on whether it could fit in my jeans pocket. Ok, so technically I have a handbag... but it mostly sits in my wardrobe and does nothing. I also own a wallet although that generally gets left in the house while I just grab the cards I'm going to need.
Do I get handbag envy?? You bet! Although mine usually consists of... nice handbag! Damn, there's no point buying one cause I'm never going to use it. How do they make one of those things work for them?? So, I figure although I love the idea of a handbag.... I'm just never going to be a handbaggy sort of gal! Pity really cause there are some lovely ones out there!
So why am I like this?? Well I grew up on a farm, or rather, several farms in South Africa. At that time in a girls life where handbags become the 'must have' item, I was more concerned about helping Dad milk cows and whether I was too old to be climbing trees! So while all my friends became real girly girls I stuck with my jeans and wellies. Several years later I'm still in jeans although the wellies have been exchanged for trainers. Would it suprise you if I said : "I never wear make up??" and "I don't really like pink" .... probably not! Strange then that I want these girly things for my Erin. I want her to enjoy girly things and definitely would love it if she carried a handbag when she got to that age!

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