Monday, 29 January 2007

Happy Birthday!... and moving along...

This weekend himself, myself and herself (Erin) went to an 80th Birthday 'do'. The whole extended family was there.  The birthday 'boy' was DH's grandma's hubby. Confused yet?  The whole thing was organised and hosted by his daughter and was really well done.  If I get chance I'll download the photo's off the camera later.

Herself decided not to have a nap in the car on the way and was really tired before we even got there. However, having her two cousins to run around with was so much fun that it kept her going until we went home.  It was rather lovely to watch as she and David (3) ran around like mad things giggling their heads off... Daniel (1) was in a pushchair at first and was desperate to get on the floor and join in the fun too. Once he'd been let out he crawled around at high speed to try keep up with the other two.  I have never seen any baby crawl that fast before!  Much giggling was done and, although there were some tears (mostly due to overtiredness), the kids really enjoyed themselves. I'm looking forward to Easter and Christmas this year as Daniel should be walking by then and then we'll have 3 kids tearing around after each other.... it should be fun, but I might have to invest in a good pair of earplugs!

Other news is that my parents might be moving house. My father has decided to go back into Methodist Ministry (it's a long story) and put an application in for a posting somewhere out of Sheffield. They all feel they need a break from Sheffield and Yorkshire and were mentally preparing for a move somewhere down south.  It came as a shock that when the phonecall came the invitation was to a church in ... Glasgow! Well, just outside of it.  My parents travelled up to have a look see and meet the folk this weekend and have come back with great reports.  I think they are really looking forward to this move (especially as they love Scotland!).  I think they need to get  confirmation of the invitation and then have to officially accept, but I don't think there is any doubt about how pleased they are with this move.  They will be waiting for a phonecall today to make it all official, so hopefully the church in Glasgow won't be changing their mind!

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