Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Strange Cravings...

Nope I'm definitely NOT pregnant, believe me I have tested and have proof. There is not going to be any new additions to our family any time soon.  So why am I craving?? Anyone out there with medical knowledge who can tell me, I would be most grateful!

So here it is.... I hate olives. Never have liked them and always avoid them like the plague.  I bought a 400g jar of them from Tesco's just before Christmas for the simple reason that my parents were coming for Christmas day and my parents love them. I figured it would be a nice little snack to have with a light tea in the evening.  As it turned out we were all so full from lunch that tea never happened, so I was left with some food, including a jar of olives. The rest of the food got eaten over the course of the week between Christmas and New Years but the olives got shoved to the back of a shelf and I was resigned to the fact that in a couple of years time I would discover the jar of out-of-date olives while I was desperately trying to find a tin of tomatoes. 

Then suddenly last week I started this craving for olives.... don't know why, it just happened. I remembered the poor un-loved jar of olives in the back of the cupboard and opened it thinking that I would probably have one little olive; decide I still hate them and end up throwing the rest of the jar away.  Well, it didn't happen like that. I ate the whole 400g in the space of 36 hours.... and I'm still craving olives.

This morning I decided to rummage through the larder cupboard again to see what I had and found a tin of anchovies. They're ok but have to be put with loads of other stuff to take the edge off the saltiness.... but I had them this morning on toast with melted cheese. It was rather nice actually, but surely not normal?

So there you have it. Why am I craving? I have no idea, but I'm rather enjoying the odd combinations!


  1. On 30 January 2007 Roz said:
    Hi Anthea, thanks for dropping by my blog, its always nice to know I'm not talking to myself. and Yes go ahead and link if you like. No idea why your craving olives, I also hate them, but do love them when they are all mashed up, no idea what they call that, but I love it on ciabatta, strange????

  2. On 31 January 2007 Eleanor said:
    Do you think you're lacking in something? rofl. I mean some sort of salt, or mineral? That's all I have to offer, enjoying your blog. Eleanor xx

  3. On 31 January 2007 Amy said:
    Oh dear! Maybe Eleanor is right...perhaps you needed some vitamin or something that is in olives and 'some how' your body knew it was there! lol I had cravings for pickled gherkins after christmas...maybe it's just the body trying to purge the system of turkey :) Love Amy (M_A_A_B)


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