Saturday, 24 February 2007


Well, after much uhmming and ahhhing, himself and I headed out today to the RSPCA to have a look at puddy tats and pooches. Himself wanted the former and I was rather keen on the latter... our choices are both due to how we were raised.  Himself's family have always had cats and are most definitely CAT PEOPLE whereas I have always had a dog and my family are most definitely DOG PEOPLE.  I have had a cat once before but only after I had married and moved out of my parent's home.  I found a dog I liked and wanted to have a look at and himself found a cat... the dog was lovely, she was a springer spaniel and was beautiful, lovely natured and VERY VERY VOCAL!! Unfortunately this was a little too much for herself to cope with. Poor Erin, she really wanted to pat the doggie but the doggie was more interested in barking at her very loudly and jumping up against her.  That put paid to my plans for a pooch so the puddy tats won... and himself is rather pleased with our selection.... who is still using the sofa as a retreat from a very exhuberant and noisy toddler who keeps yelling "TAT" at the top of her voice. 

May I introduce you to Orchid... NOT! The RSPCA called her Orchid, but himself and I have decided on a much simpler name. Pollyanna!

As you can see she has ventured out from her hidey-hole, but only when the little monster we call Erin isn't around!

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