Sunday, 4 March 2007

Creative Overdrive

Think I ought to share some of my recent Layouts with you. It seems that the last few months haven't been particularly creative, but now the creativity has kicked in again.  Only did 2 layouts in February (one of which was a lift of a beautiful LO in the Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine) but have already done one in March and have another planned.  Hoping to do loads this month for a scraplift challenge on UKScrappers. The challenge for me is to do 20-odd LO's in a month. It's not quite as difficult as it sounds tho' as these LO's are to be based on or 'copied' from a set list of layouts that other people have done.  Consequently the first scraplift LO only took me 3 hours to do (rather than the week and a bit it normally takes). Want to have a peek??

The first LO was the lift of the magazine layout and all credit goes to SuzyB who made her original so wonderfully inspiring!  She is also a member of UKScrappers but I didn't know that until after I'd started work on my version.  Thanks to SuzyB for giving me permission to copy her beautiful work.  The second LO is all mine and the third LO is from the UKS scraplift challenge.  The original LO was done by UKScrapper Debly.

The other thing that has been particularly inspiring this past week was a little crafting evening that I hosted at home on Wednesday. Nothing big or fancy, just myself and 3 other ladies who are all into crafting in one way or another.  We all sat around the dining table and did our thing while having a good chatter and some nibbles.. although I might have over catered on the nibbles as himself and myself have been eating them for days afterwards to finish them off!  Still, it was great fun and a good time was had by all.  I think this might become a regular thing rotating at the four houses.  So I'm seriously looking forward to the next one!

Anyway, I shall have to go wake up herself yet again... otherwise we won't get any sleep tonight.  I'd better warn the cat before I do so as Erin has taken to chasing it around the house shouting "Tat" at the top of her lungs. The Tat in question is actually settling down fairly well, but still legs it everytime she sees the toddling monster coming towards her.

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  1. On 14 March 2007 Natalie said:
    What gorgeous LOs Anthea, I just adore your take on them. Well done and keep up the good work! :) Natalie x


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