Saturday, 31 March 2007

Crunch Time

Well himself, myself and herself are home again safe and sound. In more or less one piece although himself is still limping and wincing everytime he moves.  He's feeling loads better today espesially after the shock of seeing the car yesterday.  We had to go to Sandbach to fetch some stuff out of the car wreck and took the opportunity to take some photo's at the same time.  Rather scary I felt, it made me realise how much we owe to airbags and other wonderfully complicated safety measures that we take for granted nowdays.  If Roberts' car had been older he wouldn't have walked away from the wreckage.  We counted a total of six airbags in the car 3 of which were for the driver (thank goodness!) I didn't even realise there were that many in the car!

The other guy's car didn't come off much better either although he apparently didnt feel the need to go to hospital.

Apparently himself was merrily tootling along the country road doing 60mph when he saw a black Toyota Celica coming around the bend.  The driver lost control of the car and veered across the road. He fought to regain control of the car but couldn't and ended up ploughing into our Fiat pushing Robert sideways through a brick wall and into a garden.  We're unsure what speed the other car was doing at the time of the accident, but it must have been at least 60mph.  Robert was trapped in the car for a while until somebody managed to wrench one of the back doors open.  The ambulance service then took Robert to Leighton Hospital A&E in Crewe.

We would like to thank the ambulance and A&E staff for their care. My in-laws (who went to sit at the bedside) were very impressed with their care and efficiency.  Also to the South Merseyside Police who have been very helpful in providing information and support after the incident. 

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive in this stressful time. We really appreciate it!!


  1. On 31 March 2007 Pauline said:
    Ouch, those are scary pics. So glad that your dh is ok Anthea, hope the aches and pains disappear soon. Terrifying thing to happen, hugs to all!

  2. On 31 March 2007 Sonja said:
    Crikey - your DH is one lucky man, those pic are horrifying. On the 150 things you have done - he can now add 104 to his!!

  3. On 31 March 2007 Beth said:
    OMG, just come across your blog, and read your recent post, what an ordeal you've all had to endure. Glad that your hubby is recovering though. Take care and special wishes.

  4. On 1 April 2007 Rhi said:
    Oh my goodness, was blog hopping the crafty blogs but I just couldn't read and run. I'm so glad your DH is ok, what a shock for you all. Take care, Rhi x

  5. On 2 April 2007 Natalie said:
    My gosh Anthea, I see what you mean now about those guardian angels, those pictures made me gasp so I can only imagine the horror you must have felt. Hope your dh is recovering well and thanking his lucky stars (((hugs))) x

  6. On 20 April 2007 tjits said:
    Blimey Anthea, finally managed to have a look at these horrific pics of the car(s). what a shock i got! praise God for airbags and for keeping both Robert and the other guy, who hopefully realises, if he didn't already, that God was putting his angels around them, alive. Take care all three of you and see you soon, xxx tjits :)


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