Thursday, 29 March 2007


So, I was planning to do a post this week about the brilliant Great Northern Paper Extraveganza Show that I attended with some friends in Harrogate on Saturday and also about my dilemma of to cut or not to cut my hair.  Unfortunately these exciting topics have been pushed out of my little head completely by the phonecall every wife/partner dreads.  The one that says "Mrs Goodman, please don't panic, but your husband has been involved in a serious collision".

Due to this phonecall I'm now in Leicester with my in-laws and my very bruised and battered hubby.  He is ok, but the car is a complete write-off.  He's very stiff, has loads of little scratches and cuts and some very big bruises. Also some friction burn on his face from the airbags, but that is bearable considering the alternative injuries he could have had.  The hospital have given him a clean bill of health, which is great as I wasn't sure what state he was going to be in when I arrived here.

Anyway, I shall post again as soon as everything has settled. I might even have an idea of what happened in the accident which I shall post at a later stage.  Thanks to everyone who has phoned, texted or emailed us since yesterday morning. I shall get back to you all in due course.

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