Thursday, 22 March 2007

Hard at work

Well, as much as normal anyway.  Finished a few LO's this past two weeks or so, but haven't really had the time to take photo's and upload them.  I did manage to take one photo so I'll post it here for you... It's my first LO about himself, which took him by suprise I think.  I felt the title was particularly apt!

I have also added a slideshow to the blog, after much muttering.  Struggled to do it as TypePad kept giving me error messages. Then once I figured what was wrong there I found out that it was too big for the sidebar and was being chopped in half. So, after several attempts at making it smaller I finally got it down to the right size!  E voila! One slideshow with LO's on! Now that I know what I'm doing with it I might add another with family pics on.  What do you think??

That means my dear SIL and her DH (and other technically minded members of the family) and my parents can see the latest and greatest shots of the darling cherub. Even if she is being a monster at the moment cause of teething.

Anyhooo, the little monster is trashing the room behind me as we speak, so I'd better go rescue the cat again who is currently cowering under the furniture!

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