Friday, 17 August 2007

Update part deux

Our next major trip away was down to Charmouth in Dorset, where we rented a cottage with the parents-in-law, my sister-in-law and her husband and their two boys.  Nine of us in one cottage for the week was rather fun! Lots of trips to the beach (which was only 5 minutes walk away), plenty of sightseeing and loads of walking kept us busy for the whole week.  Erin and her cousins particularly enjoyed building 'santastles' on Charmouth beach.
Here's few piccies from that trip

There are so many other beautiful piccies taken on that trip I wish I could share them all with you!  Keep a lookout for them as I'm sure they'll be appearing in future scrapping projects!

We are away on another camping trip from tomorrow (Friday 17th) and will be returning on Sunday 26th.  I'll update some more when we get back.  Think of us camping in the pouring rain up in Northumberland and pray that we get some decent weather!!

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  1. On 17 August 2007 valerie said:
    thanks for sharing the photos anthea durdle door and portland bill have to be two of my favourite place to be Val


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