Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas Tidings!

Toe_socksWell, the day has been and gone. We've unwrapped all the presents, eaten the turkey, drunk far too much alchohol and we're *still* eating the Christmas cake - and probably will be for another 3 weeks! The presents were fab. I got a lovely hooded jumper, some toe socks , rapidough (the game), a lovely kenwood chef and a fair bit of money - some of which I used to buy myself a yummy PINK Garmin SatNav. It's been invaluable already! Gone are the days of getting lost in the middle of Leeds and having to stop somewhere to haul the A-Z out. Herself also rather likes it it seems as she sits in her seat in the back of the car and imitates it.

Garmin_pinkI got Himself a Garmin Satnav too. It's not pink, and definitely not basic (like mine is)... however, it seems that it only wants to talk to us in an American accent; which might end up winding him up something cronic! However all the other features its got will more than make up for it I hope! So we're all gadgeted up to the eyeballs now and we have enough of the Christmas money left over to buy the camping fridge that we wanted too. So in the spring we shall be ableto go camping and have nicely refrigerated food.
I shall have to post pictures of Christmas day later when we've gone home and had time to upload them to our PC. Until then I hope you're all having a good Festive season and that you're all happily playing with your gadgets too! Drop me a line and tell me what you got! ... and if I don't see you again before the New Year.... HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all God's blessings be given to you in the New Year. 

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  1. On 1 January 2008 Trina said:
    Step away from the christmas cake! glad you have had a nice christmas - i'm just surfing lookin for inspiration and i'm loving your Layouts!


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