Tuesday, 18 December 2007

It's a losing battle...

But I'm rather happy about it! I've lost my first half stone and am dead chuffed! I have been anticipating this moment for a while and so went and bought my next dolly bead in preparation. Unfortunately I've been banned from wearing it until I reached the milestone properly... which I did this morning. So I have now added 'Tanith' to my bracelet! Isn't 'she' beautiful??

My next goal now is going to be to try not to put any weight on over the Christmas break! It's going to be tough, but I'm hoping that if I control my portion sizes, severely limit the puddings and chocolate and stay away from cheese completely that I should be able to do it. I might just treat myself on Christmas Day tho'... afterall, I can't be a stick in the mud all the time can I?

The other battle I've been fighting has not been so pleasant. Herself has now recovered from the 'water' infection but has then come down with croup, which has now turned into a nasty cold. And then to top it all off perfectly she started complaining about her ear being sore... one visit to the doctor's later she now officially has a double ear infection!! Just what I needed. Anyway, hopefully this next set of antibiotics will kick in quickly and she'll be fit in time for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, it's her nursery's nativity play this afternoon. Her first one! I'm sooo looking forward to it and will definitely be taking photos and possibly a video too.
I suppose I'd better dash off and go check that the various camera's are fully charged up and have enough film/memory!


  1. On 18 December 2007 Kim (dearbarbie) said:
    Hey, hope you're well. Well done on losing 1/2 a stone and what a lush bead! I'll be back on UKS soon, had no scrapping space in my old flat, but moving in January! Yay!!!

  2. On 20 December 2007 Hayles said:
    Hi! Just discovered I can access blogs from work so been catching up on all my Paperdoll friends! Well done on the loss(!) and fingers crossed the little one is better soon! Hx

  3. On 21 December 2007 peechy said:
    well done on your weight loss! i'll be starting back WW in january. love the new playlist.


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