Sunday, 13 February 2011

Part 3: Me! Me! Me!

Yes I know, it's all me, me, me isn't it? I'm so eager and keen to extol my own virtues to you that it's taken me ages to actually pull myself together enough to sit down and DO this post. My apologies. I have now started keeping a little notebook on my person which I'm using to write lists, reminders and ideas in. I'm having to do this now because I have so much on my plate at the moment that I keep forgetting stuff half way through doing them! I found myself putting the tub of sugar in the fridge the other day - and then couldn't figure out what I was really supposed to be putting in there. I walked into the kitchen two hours later to find the milk still sat on the kitchen counter. Anyway, now I have my little notebook so I'm hoping that if I put it down on a list it will eventually get done! Blogging is most definitely on the list!! In fact, I've actually got a couple of crafting posts in mind to do. Yeah, yeah I know you've heard it all before.... but this time I'll change! I promise!! LOL.

Anyway, I did promise you an update of everything I've been up to in 2010. I'll admit that firstly, it was a fairly quiet year and secondly, I'm not sure my memory is up to remembering all the important bits - but I'll try!

So in January last year after a horrendous Christmas full of enormous amounts of food and booze I saw some photo's that my Father-in-law took of me over the Christmas period. Yes. One of those photographs that makes you stop in your tracks with a gasp and the words "Is that really me? I look horrendous!" follow very quickly after.

Yes, that fat woman is me at 18 stone 12½ lbs. Not good! So, I decided that I would start on Weight Watchers again and get rid of the weight once and for all. I think I posted about it here in April. I also signed up for membership at my local leisure centre.

By March I had lost about a stone and was really pleased with my results. I got Herself to take this photograph so please excuse the odd angle and my head being chopped short!

By mid-summer I had lost about 2 stone and was feeling soooo much better! Although my weightloss slowed down a bit as having the temptation of barbeques and ice cream vans meant I wasn't sticking to it as well as I had been. By the time the school holidays had ended I was back on track. Christmas and New Year of 2010 I was 3½ stones lighter and I was in my element! I had dropped from a size 26 jean to a size 16! I bought a gorgeous evening dress for an awards ceremony from a 'normal' persons shop in a size 16 too!!

The last time I was a 16 was when Himself and I got married in May 2000. I made that wedding dress and only I knew at the time that while some of the wedding dress was a 16 I had used my sewing skills to 'ease' certain areas in order for it to fit properly.

So, it with a heavy heart that I must report to you that since January of this year I have been really really struggling with the whole diet thing. I haven't attended very many meetings, I haven't weighed in properly in over a month now and I *know* that I have gained weight in the last few weeks. My problem? Boredom, frustration, lack of will power.... and also a sense that I am so much happier in my size 16's that maybe it's not worth all the hassle and bother to lose more weight. However, in the back of my mind I also know that I'm letting myself down by not staying on track.

I took this photo a couple of days ago in the hopes that I can start taking photographic evidence of my weight loss over the next few months. I'm hoping that it will spur me on to get motivated again, but so far I'm failing miserably. So, I'd like to ask you all a big favour! I think I need some accountability in my life right, certainly with regard to weight loss. Can I ask, if one or two of you (or maybe more if you feel like being involved!) can post a comment on here holding me to this promise. I want to be accountable to you, my readers and followers, for getting back on track and posting on here at least once a fortnight about my progress -  even if it is just to report my last weigh in! Can I ask you to check in here regularly and yell at me in a comment or by email if I havent posted how I'm doing? I really really need to know that there is someone out there who will kick my bum (even in a 'virtual' way) if I don't get back on track and report in regularly. Please tell me you will help me in this way? I don't want to go back to what I looked like at the end of 2009. I really want to keep going with this and get down to a medically healthy weight, not just one that 'will do', but at the moment I feel like I'm losing my grip on this whole weight loss thing completely!

Anyway, I was going to share news of another journey I have embarked on, but it will have to wait now as this post has turned into War & Peace!! Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate them and read them all. I'm looking forward to seeing you back here soon!


  1. Well done on the weight loss last year. You're only suffering a minor setback and the fact that you've asked for help means it's a step in the right direction.

    keep it up!!!

  2. Well done Mrs! Thats really inspiring. I have another 2 stone to loose and its hard going lol xx

  3. I've 2 stones to lose and am a bit like you at the moment, struggling to be motivated. I've lost about a pound overall in 4 weeks (blaming birthday cake/bad work week etc etc). Let's be accountable to each other and really go for it!

  4. Perhaps everytime you post about your weight LOSS you put it in the blog-a-thon bit on UKS so that as well as regulars kicking u up the bum, new people can do the same for you, as this was the way I found your blog,
    Good luck
    H xx

  5. Well done... you have done so well... don't worry about the minor setback, I think the winter time always makes us eat more and exercise less... don't lose faith... just being able to stay a certain dress size is hard work, we all know that... good luck and best wishes,

  6. I completely understand where you are at. I have been at the same point this year albeit from across the pond. So, what day are you intending to update your progress each week and I can come back and yell at you. If you can do the same for me, I'd appreciate that. I have a weight loss blog too at Glad to know I am not the only one out there who started last year and now this year is experiencing a momentary glitch.

  7. Thanks guys for all your support! It is soooo much appreciated! Gabby, I weigh in on a Saturday morning so I think I will aim to blog on Sundays. I'm going to head back to the weigh in this weekend but I'm really dreading it as I think I'm in for a rather large gain. Oh well, I shall brave it and then let you know on Sunday... if not a bit earlier!

  8. If you will keep me on track then I will certainly help you! I am EmilyLovedHim on UKS just in case you did not realise!!


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