Saturday, 23 April 2011

Top 5.... posts!

Ok, today I'm going to start with saying "Today Shimelle has asked us to look at...." Only because it's difficult to introduce this topic any other way. At least I can't think of any other way to introduce it! Anyway, I'm having a little catch up session with the class because I'm procrastinating with the masses of photos I'm supposed to be Scrapbooking for the album I have been commissioned to do. Let me say this, as much as I enjoy scrapping.... it is a completely different kipper when you have to do it 'to order' or 'to a deadline'. Suddenly my mojo has fled the building and taken inspiration with it. I'm worried the the whole album is going to be plain, boring and very dull. So here I am, procrastinating! I am very very very good at procrastinating. Ask my Mother. So....

Today (okay a couple of days ago, actually.... but I'm good at procrastinating aren't I?!) Shimelle asked us to look at our blog and analyse which 5 posts we loved. Which ones got the creative juices flowing? Which ones got the comments going and discussion happening? Five. Hmmmm, I'm not sure I'd come up with that many!! Let me go back over the blog posts and see what I can come up with....

Oh yes, here's one! Handbag Envy. It was one of my early posts when I first started blogging. It very accurately described my view on handbags at the time! However, a while later I revisited the topic and blogged this post. This is my current handbag. A bit bright and in your face, but I luuuurve it!

I'm still amazed at how my life has changed soooo much in the past few years! And I'm loving the fact that this blog has charted that change even though I only blogged sporadically during that time.

Another post I did was inspired by a prompt from the last time I did a class by Shimelle. She knows how to get the most out of you! In fact, I think I need to hire her as my personal inspiration. Hmmm, that might be a little expensive! Still, I love the results when she gets me thinking about the mundane!

I love blog hops, don't you? Being able to see everyone's posts on a particular topic or crafting technique? I'm not sure if blog hops are something just crafters do or not. Afterall, I don't ever recall having seen a blog hop on the topic of  "Far Left politics and it's effect on today's society". I took part in a blog hop to commemorate Elvis' birthday. Not that I'm an Elvis fan, but I am a musician... or rather I was!

Lastly, in a blog full of really random posts... nothing is more random than LEGO. Or rather my husband's love of all things building-blocky and multicoloured!

Hmmm, 5 posts that I enjoyed writing. They're all.. completely. random. Does that say something about me? For someone who started off blogging to keep friends and family in the loop and then progressed to blogging about crafting; it seems weird to me that not one of those posts are about crafting or family life. Is it weird?

Leave me comment please! I need some pepping up and love how special comments make me feel. (I'm not going to go into WHY I need pepping up... that would just open up a whole can of worms!!)


  1. Interesting post! Yes, random things to have blogged about, but all show your life and personality and make it really interesting reading. Happy Easter!

  2. Random is good - Btw - I am a handbag addict - I won't tell you how many I have!! Keep on blogging in your own style and Happy Easter.

  3. I think the random ones are what allow us to really connect and get to know each other.

  4. I forgot... I got the penny farthings from an etsy shop called bunnysundries!! She has fab stuff so be warned!! ;)

  5. Great post, random is good & interesting. :D

  6. I like the random posts. It's so much more real, just like you were talking to us in person. Thanks for stopping by my blog and encouraging me.

  7. I like random posts, keeps it fresh, in my opinion!

  8. Great that you blogged about the prompt. Maybe I should try this :)


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