Thursday, 5 April 2012

Meet Polly!

I have a new addition in our 'family'... Polly the Pocket Rocket!

Unfortunately PAT1 (as my Citroen Berlingo was known) was coming up for some very expensive repairs and what with finances being tight and already having to spend a fortune on hubby's car; part of which you can see in the picture; we decided that throwing more money at a car that was expensive to tax, insure, maintain and keep supplied in fuel was NOT something we wanted to do. I loved the space in my old car, but since weeself is now walking age and potty trained we don't really need the space to carry around pushchairs and changing bags like we used to. 

Polly is small and perfectly formed. She's a Vauxhall Agila and has a 1.2 Petrol engine. She has alloy wheels, aircon and tinted windows. She beautiful and I am in love with driving again for the first time in years!!

Anyway, I just thought you might sleep better knowing this information. LOL. 

PS. This weekend I'm starting 'Operation Craftroom'!! A trip to IKEA tomorrow and lots of painting and flat-pack assembly is on the cards for the long weekend! Pictures will follow once its all done. I promise!

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  1. She's cute and she's blue, my favorite color! It's neat to see the different brands of cars that you have there.


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