Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WOYWW 11th April '12

Good morning! I can't believe it's Wednesday already, again. These seem to come by so quick now! My friends tell me it's a sign that I'm getting older.... one even told me that "Life is like a loo roll, the closer you get to the end the faster round it goes!". My days are numbered, I fear!!

Anyway, if you're here to see what's on my Workdesk... I'm afraid you might be a little disappointed. My workdesk hasn't seen any crafting in a week! There is a good reason though as you will see in a minute. First, lets have a reminder of my little space....

Hmmmm, yes, the less said about it the better. It's cramped, cluttered, got waaaaay too untidy waaaaay too quickly. There's not enough storage and the printer keeps getting in the way. OK, this photo doesn't really show it at it's best does it? Let's get a better picture instead.... how about this one?

Oooh! That's a bit better! It's clean, tidy and uncluttered. It's had a fresh coat of paint too (although none of the pictures I took really did the colour any justice.) The only problem is.... there's no craft stuff!! Himself and I will be using it purely as a computer desk from now on. My shelves in the alcove now store my filing instead of buckets of stamps etc.

So nice and clean and pretty! So, do you want to see where I'm working now?

Here's a sneaky peek...

Ooh I'm in a naughty teasing mood! Sorry.... here's a few more photo's.

This is the sight that now greets me when I walk in the door.

The anticipation of being able to sit here and craft is nearly killing me! I haven't been able to do any crafting yet because Himself and I only finished it very very late last night... or maybe I should say very very early this morning!

As lovely as the desk is, it's the shelves that really make me happy! I can have ALL my craft stuff accessible and I've still got some room to grow! Yay! These shelves fill up the whole of one wall, and I couldn't actually take a photo of them in one go...

The left side.... and....

The right hand side!!

As you can see there are still a few things I want to do in this room. We need another office chair for the 'computer' desk. A few items that have ended up on TOP of the shelves (thank you to Himself as I can't reach up there!) I shall have to ask him to get them down for me so I can find an alternative home for them. I also want to build/find some storage for my ProMarkers as they're currently dumped in that expanding blue bin on the shelves. I have another shelf to put up in the little alcove above the buttons, I need to build/find some way of storing my ribbon reels AND I need to make some curtains. I have some fabric in my stash I just need to sit down and do it. What's the betting that there's still no curtains/blinds in 6 months time?

So what do you think of the room? I was thinking about experimenting with a little video so I can show you around personally. I've never done that sort of thing before... shall I give it a go?

Fancy seeing some desks where *real* crafting has happened in the past week? Head over to Julia's blog and have a look at some other people's creations!


  1. Wow. Looks fantastic!!!

    I've just spent the weekend moving all my stuff into the conservatory - and have almost recovered... So I know how excited you will be feeling. Jan x

  2. A fantastic space hun and one I'm sure will see plenty of gorgeous creations springing forth.

    Happy crafting

  3. Looks fantastic Anthea - I am now expecting to see some wonderful creations!

  4. Lucky you - what a gorgeous crafting space. Love it! Suzanne #96

  5. I was feeling so bad for you...this is fabulous, may you create many beautiful projects here!

  6. Lovely work space - thanks for sharing.


  7. Looking good Anthea! I'm sure you will have loads of fun in your fab new space!!
    Hugs xxx

  8. What a gorgeous room!! You did a wonderful job on everything and I KNOW just how much hard work it took to organize it all once you were finished setting up all those shelves, etc! Well done!

  9. I've been looking forward to seeing this and it looks fabulous.

  10. I'm am so jealous, the room and the shelves look amazing. I love the colour u have painted the walls too. Id love to see your video when its finished x

  11. oooaaahhhh I love it.... I'm sooooooo jealous, its Gorgeous fabulous job, its so inviting, please make the video it would be great!!!!! your shelves are beautiful full of lovely carfty goodies, Have a happy creative week.... Hugs May x x x No15

  12. I'm soooo happy for you! That is one fantastic looking new crafting space! Love the shelves and all your Ikea organizers. I heart Ikea, you too, right? Hope you have plenty of time before next Wednesday to scrappy it up real good...:)
    ~Deeyll #166

  13. Now that's a crafty space! Take care, it's Sunday, but I'm still working my way through the list! Zo xx 75

  14. What a wonderful setup you now have, finish it before you do crafting because if you don't then it will never get done. You will be so happy with yourself even more than you are now if you finish it. Thanks for sharing your new space.

    Eliza #80

  15. OMG how jealous am I . It looks like you've cleared out IKEA! I don't know if you've used the wrong link but this is posted onto the 18th April and your blog says 11th??


  16. Thanks Jaki! Nope I originally posted it on the 11th. I'm not sure how the link has ended up on the 18th. I'll go check it out, thanks!

  17. Wow - so organized!!! Awesome! I came over from Shimelle's forum and am so excited for class!

  18. It's beautiful! I also came from Shimelle's forum! Yay!

  19. OOoooo... that's lovely! Just popped over from Shimelle's and was greeted with lovely serene craft space happiness.! LOL.



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