Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW 30th May '12

Good morning... oh, er, afternoon. Wow, time is flying today! I had intended to post first thing this morning but after getting the kids to school, having breakfast, tidying up, picking Weeself up from nursery, going to the bank, having lunch, popping into a couple of shops etc. there's not much left of today! Hopefully later today/tonight I'll get back to my craft desk cause I've got a lovely project on the go at the moment. Have a look...

My usual sort of mess, or organised chaos might be the better term since I know exactly where everything is!! I'm working on a paperbag mini album which I actually started ages ago but the demands of family life, being a SU demo and lots of last minute emergency cards that hubby always seems to need means that scrapbooking for the pure pleasure of it rarely happens any more. However, I've decided I need to *make* time for it because I miss it so much!

Here's a little peek of the page that's on my desk at the moment. I'm using a kit called 'Newport Bay' from Scrapagogo which I used to subscribe to. I think this particular kit must be 2 or 3 years old now and I'm horrified to say that I'm only just using it now!! The little charms are added extras from my stash.

Before you and I head our seperate directions I'd like to say a BIG Thank You to Julia for coming up with the idea and providing a place to meet up for WOYWW. It's been fun joining in for the past few months, even sporadically! Today is WOYWW's 3rd birthday and I wish Julia and all my fellow WOYWWers a Happy Birthday and many more years of checking out each others desks. If you'd like to see what I'm talking about head over to Julia's blog now.

I'm heading off to pick up Herself from the bus stop now and then off to the supermarket and swimming lessons. It never stops, does it?! Fingers crossed for some scrapping time tonight then. I think I'll need it!


  1. It is a challenge to fit all the activities into the day isn't it. I got scolded by my husband for staying up too late last your crafting area.

  2. That looks great - there is lots of organisedness there too :)

  3. Oh how I admire your areas of 'organized' that ribbon rack. Oh jealously attack coming on...!! Your life is just plum full of wonderfulness. Enjoy it to the max.! *smiles* Norma

  4. Great desk and all round great crafty space - love it! Happy WOYWW, Helen, 8

  5. I so love your organized space everything at your fingertips. Oh sometimes it is nice to walk away from your desk and get your head sorted even if it is for the childrens activities, otherwise if you stay to long you might get 'The Block" heaven forbid that ever happening. LOL So refreshing is good, well that is what I tell myself all the time. See you next week.

    Eliza #140

    Please turn work reco off......

  6. Never enough time, I agree. I love the mini paper bag book. I just bought myself some mini paper bags to do this with. Of course, haven't gotten to it yet. Right now I'm in the mood for just a regular lunch sack paper bag book and I'm not so sure I have any regular ones. Ah... isn't that how it always goes?! The organized chaos looks controllable, with no lost babes rustling in the mess, so I say it's all well and fine.

  7. I like what I can see of your page layout! I too love to scrapbook. I also enjoy making cards. Nice work space! I like the tubs you're using to hold stuff on the wall. Neat idea! Also like your ribbon on the wall. Right now I have my ribbon in a 12x12 divided Artbin. Looks like lots of creativity going on here! Valerie #174

  8. Your project looks lovely! Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW anniversary!

    Ali #86

  9. Your LO looks lovely - very nice desk - lots to see! Thank you for your comment on my blog!


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