Friday, 1 June 2012

Word Verification

Hi all!

Just a quick note on the dreaded Word Verification. I have had a couple of people complain about it and TBH I hadn't realised that it was turned on. I know I used to have it turned OFF in the old Blogger but it seems that all settings reverted to default when Blogger changed.

I have now turned the Word Verification option off.... three times. And yet, I'm still getting comments or emails from people saying it's still ON. Arrrrgh!! I'm not sure why Blogger keeps reverting to the 'on' setting? Any ideas from those techie peeps floating about in t'interwebs land?

So, I apologise again for the WV. If it asks you for it AGAIN please let me know so I can switch it off AGAIN!

Speak soon... and enjoy the Jubilee weekend!

PS. I love technology, really.... when it works the way it should!!

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