Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What I did on my holidays - Part 2

I decided to break the holiday snaps into smaller posts for the sake of bandwidth and download times! So here's some more of what we did... you'll definitely notice a recurring theme!

Tuesday: Leeds Castle

Have you ever been to Leeds Castle? It's somewhere I've always wanted to go, but the ticket prices are extortionate!! £19.75 per adult and £12.50 per child?? You must be joking! Even if the ticket lasts all year, who on earth would pay those prices?! Luckily for us, our next door neighbour at the holiday cottages does! Her tickets were still valid so she lent them to us. Whoohoo!! There are still some good people on this planet!! We spent the whole day there, despite the on/off showers and had a great time!

Definitely worth the price of OUR tickets, but I'm still not sure I'd pay the whopping prices they ask for! But, hey, not bad for a FREE day trip!

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  1. Your blog is wonderful.

    You have lifted my spirits with inspirations.

    Thank you so much.

    Happy thoughts,


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